For Over Two Decades Academy Roofing Inc. has been providing builders and building owners with excellent product and service. Academy Roofing Inc. also provides the highest quality of materials and the best installers in the business.



Academy Roofing Inc. can install reflective roof membranes that will reduce two things, a buildings energy consumption and your electric costs. 90% of the heat from sun rays is reflected so they don’t enter though the roof and cause HVAC systems to over work, lowers wear and tear on the systems which will save in money and pay for itself over a period of time.


Protective Coatings

The “Reflective” coating is a very cost effective form of coating. It enhances and beautifies the roof and its environment. Lowers the roofs temperature by reflecting  90%  of  the  sun’s  harmful rays. Therefore, lowering the building’s temperate and the  cooling cost. By reflecting  the  sun’s  rays,  this   slows  the  deteriorating  effects  of expansion and contraction of the roof’s materials  caused by continuing hot and cold weather.